Published On: Tue, Apr 12th, 2016

The Lactate Pro is a Reliable Portable Lactate Analyser to Measure Amniotic Fluid Lactate

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This small pilot study establishes proof of principle that the Lactate Pro meter is a reliable analiser to measure lactate in amniotic fluid, in samples collected from women during labour after spontaneous or artificial rupture of membranes. The portable lactate analysers are reliable, cost-effective and versatile to measure amniotic fluid lactate.

This study, written by Hall et al. with the title “A Pilot Study To Determine The Feasibility Of Collecting Amniotic Fluid Samples From Women During Labour And Measuring Amniotic Fluid Lactate At Point Of Care”, proved that the Lactate Pro is a reliable analyser to measure lactate in women.

Hall et al. are interested in exploring the utility of portable analysers to measure amniotic fluidlactate, as they are very cost-efficient analysers which can be used in remote settings and are versate, as portable lactate meters have also been clinically evaluated to test fetal scalp and umbilical cord lactate.

More information available at Laktate.

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