Published On: Wed, Nov 25th, 2015

Lactate Threshold Field Test for Triathletes in the Cycling Phase

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Ricardo Chambers conducted this study in order to design a lactate threshold test for triathletes, in the cycling phase. After conducting several tests using a portable lactate analyzer and other instruments, the author concluded that through this test, the level of performance of the athlete evaluated can be determined.

This study was conducted by Ricardo Chambers and published in the journal PubliCE Premium in 2015, under the original title “Determinación del Umbral de Lactato en Triatletas: Aplicaciones Para el Entrenamiento”. The translation of the title would be “Determination of the Lactate Threshold in Triathletes: Applications for Training.”

The author states that the field test is suitable for measuring the lactate threshold, but cannot be used to replace a laboratory test since it is carried out under different conditions and with different materials.

Chambers found that the test can help draw conclusions about the triathlete’s level of performance.

More information available at Laktate.

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