Published On: Mon, Jul 6th, 2015

Ambitious plan to improve access to swimming pools in Paris underway

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swimming poolThe Paris Council approves the first measures of the “Nager à Paris” swimming plan.

With 7 million annual admissions, some 70,000 regular users and an average of 190,000 visitors per pool each year, swimming pools rank among the most frequented public facilities in Paris.

To respond to this growing demand, Mayor Hidalgo and Deputy Mayor Jean-François Martins have put a major plan in place, comprising 104 different measures and financed to the tune of 150 million euros.

The ambitious “Nager à Paris” (“Swimming in Paris”) plan is based on three objectives: improving and modernising the existing pools while also building new ones; opening swimming facilities more often to respond to growing demand; and constantly improving the quality of the service offered to the public.

This week, the Paris Council approved several measures that will enable the implementation of the early steps of the plan. Measures and initiatives to be implemented in the coming months and years include:

• The complete renovation of the St-Merri sports centre swimming pool (4th arrondissement), which is used by over 100,000 swimmers each year. This renovation will result in improvements in terms of sanitation and the impact on the environment, a significant improvement in user comfort and conditions, as well as an overall reduction in operating costs once open.

• The pools at the Élisabeth (14th arrondissement) and the Louis Lumière (20th) sports centres will be open throughout the summer and free to use. These shallow pools – usually reserved for school groups and clubs – will be opened exceptionally every day from July 6th to August 2nd, free of charge.

• Improvements in the teaching of swimming in schools. In-school swimming tuition is already a key issue for the City of Paris, and the measures implemented so far have been very successful. Primary school pupils benefit from an average of 60 sessions over the course of their time in school: well beyond the 40 mandatory sessions required within the national curriculum. Paris is keen to build on this success to guarantee that the French capital remains exemplary in the field.

• Financial grants to 11 swimming clubs and associations. These grants aim to better support swimming in Paris and to foster the development of swimming clubs, which form the backbone of the sport in Paris.

• The construction of a new swimming pool on the border of the 17th and 18th arrondissements. This operation, which will be preceded by a major consultation, will strengthen the current access to sports for the residents of these districts.

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